Most volatile US stocks

Market volatility brings risk, which many traders take hoping for profits. US stocks in the list below are the most volatile in the market. They’re sorted by daily volatility and supplied with important metrics.
Change %
Rel Volume
Market cap
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
258.52%0.4247 USD+88.76%131.036 M1193.208.497 M USD−0.62 USD+56.63%0.00%Electronic Technology
APDNApplied DNA Sciences, Inc.
258.24%0.6000 USD−69.85%11.377 M80.89590.837 K USD−17.21 USD−100.73%0.00%Health Technology
LUCYInnovative Eyewear, Inc.
156.52%0.4100 USD−58.29%86.234 M0.907.167 M USD−0.61 USD+24.15%0.00%Retail Trade
Strong buy
AAWINAERWINS Technologies Inc.
151.79%9.14 USD+143.09%6.309 M1.238.453 M USD0.00%Technology Services
MRAIMarpai, Inc.
142.47%0.9000 USD−53.61%867.753 K8.809.277 M USD−3.19 USD+45.03%0.00%Technology Services
STSSSharps Technology Inc.
135.30%0.5174 USD+141.44%303.37 M56.043.358 M USD−0.65 USD−31.23%0.00%Health Technology
GVVisionary Holdings Inc.
118.23%0.3610 USD+80.50%13.511 M14.3218.65 M USD5.160.07 USD+10.25%0.00%Consumer Services
LLPALogistic Properties of the Americas
102.67%28.00 USD+98.58%178.742 K32.10887.873 M USD582.120.05 USD−13.95%0.00%Finance
OBLGOblong Inc.
101.41%0.2198 USD+24.89%148.568 M15.114.459 M USD−1.23 USD+86.48%0.00%Electronic Technology
PEGYPineapple Energy Inc.
95.96%0.2601 USD+46.04%677.71 M3.2824.955 M USD−0.81 USD+37.18%0.00%Industrial Services
XCURExicure, Inc.
86.02%0.3602 USD+9.15%5.656 M169.563.116 M USD0.211.71 USD0.00%Health Technology
SINTSiNtx Technologies, Inc.
83.95%9.28 USD−31.36%830.068 K0.795.693 M USD−388.80 USD+95.32%0.00%Health Technology
OCGOriental Culture Holding LTD
70.55%1.09 USD−31.01%155.796 K18.884.981 M USD−0.85 USD−251.59%0.00%Retail Trade
ALBTAvalon GloboCare Corp.
69.68%0.3011 USD+1.79%1.947 M50.823.344 M USD−1.56 USD−23.61%0.00%Health Technology
INSMInsmed Incorporated
63.13%48.06 USD+118.45%33.409 M18.867.142 B USD−5.24 USD−22.78%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
MBIOMustang Bio, Inc.
62.50%0.1885 USD−10.20%13.667 M1.962.359 M USD−4.62 USD+55.01%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
SMMTSummit Therapeutics Inc.
60.95%2.39 USD−29.29%13.548 M5.941.678 B USD−0.17 USD+90.98%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
ADDColor Star Technology Co., Ltd.
59.53%0.2490 USD−6.00%4.857 M21.512.682 M USD0.00%Technology Services
SINGSinglePoint Inc.
55.04%0.3709 USD+46.14%42.048 M4.72420.871 K USD−361.20 USD+64.81%0.00%Utilities
AAIRJMontana Technologies Corp
54.03%19.89 USD+40.66%369.658 K9.571.071 B USD−0.28 USD−363.11%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
TPHSTrinity Place Holdings Inc.
52.02%0.1510 USD+11.03%7.361 M11.219.671 M USD−0.70 USD−19.94%0.00%Finance
EJHE-Home Household Service Holdings Limited
51.53%0.5751 USD−16.88%1.114 M0.6210.269 M USD−13.63 USD0.00%Consumer Services
POAIPredictive Oncology Inc.
50.77%2.09 USD+32.84%96.9 M1821.078.553 M USD−3.66 USD+47.15%0.00%Health Technology
RYDERyde Group Ltd.
50.68%8.78 USD−18.17%586.913 K0.82141.476 M USD−0.50 USD0.00%Technology Services
Strong buy
AONCAmerican Oncology Network, Inc.
50.27%2.36 USD+10.80%82.068 K1.0378.629 M USD−2.76 USD−1638.50%0.00%Health Services
PEVPhoenix Motor Inc.
49.78%0.8060 USD+4.62%181.182 K1.2828.274 M USD−0.19 USD0.00%Consumer Durables
VHAIVocodia Holdings Corp.
49.51%0.1930 USD+23.40%193.252 M5.31Technology Services
49.45%1.33 USD+11.87%140.239 K1.22135.257 M USD0.00%Finance
SMXTSolarmax Technology Inc.
47.79%7.42 USD−26.10%242.672 K3.31334.198 M USD−0.44 USD−263.14%0.00%Industrial Services
ONMDOneMedNet Corp
45.40%2.01 USD−12.61%11.726 M0.3547.939 M USD−0.30 USD−277.99%0.00%Technology Services
LIDRAEye, Inc.
45.26%3.84 USD+10.34%25.175 M3.1725.458 M USD−11.56 USD−121.76%0.00%Electronic Technology
ONFOOnfolio Holdings Inc.
45.23%1.3300 USD+35.71%6.393 M4.706.793 M USD−1.52 USD−39.92%0.00%Technology Services
BNEDBarnes & Noble Education, Inc
43.11%0.6318 USD+8.93%23.786 M0.3333.584 M USD−1.56 USD−21.82%0.00%Retail Trade
NCPLNetcapital Inc.
42.59%0.1441 USD−25.14%16.246 M0.552.884 M USD−0.07 USD−111.95%0.00%Commercial Services
Strong buy
AEONAEON Biopharma, Inc.
41.27%1.38 USD−22.47%170.701 K2.0453.989 M USD−4.14 USD−4975.41%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
SMLRSemler Scientific, Inc.
40.16%29.00 USD+24.36%1.406 M28.78204.909 M USD10.442.78 USD+38.54%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
GWAVGreenwave Technology Solutions, Inc.
39.85%0.0786 USD−7.42%310.937 M0.3568.038 M USD0.00%Commercial Services
OBIOOrchestra BioMed Holdings, Inc.
39.42%6.97 USD+31.51%298.427 K10.30249.446 M USD−1.46 USD−160.83%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
FLYXflyExclusive, Inc.
39.29%6.92 USD+23.35%119.342 K3.42538.528 M USD58.400.12 USD−17.02%0.00%Transportation
NEOVNeoVolta Inc.
37.77%2.48 USD−18.59%211.044 K1.2782.259 M USD−0.06 USD+54.14%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
IINNInspira Technologies Oxy B.H.N. Ltd.
37.64%2.00 USD−8.68%2.353 M24.6634.587 M USD−0.72 USD+28.43%0.00%Health Technology
TRNRInteractive Strength Inc.
37.49%0.2129 USD+4.88%2.569 M5.175.437 M USD−3.17 USD0.00%Retail Trade
Strong buy
PAVSParanovus Entertainment Technology Ltd.
37.14%1.1850 USD+18.50%262.664 K0.918.694 M USD−11.51 USD0.00%Health Technology
GTHXG1 Therapeutics, Inc.
37.13%3.40 USD−16.87%2.794 M3.58177.757 M USD−0.61 USD+77.86%0.00%Health Technology
GMEGameStop Corporation
36.22%23.78 USD+25.16%105.078 M1.147.281 B USD1121.700.02 USD0.00%Retail Trade
Strong sell
SEPASEP Acquisition Corp
34.90%9.22 USD+8.85%64.545 K2.4053.041 M USD−0.94 USD−687.08%0.00%Finance
CNFRConifer Holdings, Inc.
34.85%1.1000 USD+29.41%95.648 K12.6313.445 M USD−2.18 USD−192.08%0.00%Finance
CRKNCrown Electrokinetics Corp.
34.29%0.1080 USD+6.93%244.026 M0.3230.448 M USD−19.44 USD+49.37%0.00%Commercial Services
NNNENano Nuclear Energy Inc.
34.06%5.49 USD+24.77%4.41 M10.16156.847 M USD0.00%Technology Services
SWINSolowin Holdings
33.69%4.10 USD−10.68%4.756 M1.0859.45 M USD0.00%Finance
KXINKaixin Holdings
33.59%0.2022 USD+31.47%6.907 M0.6210.071 M USD−2.07 USD+8.75%0.00%Retail Trade
NUWENuwellis, Inc.
33.10%0.2838 USD+13.86%8.196 M2.355.123 M USD−8.30 USD+90.59%0.00%Health Technology
SPCEVirgin Galactic Holdings, Inc.
32.85%1.0500 USD+22.58%47.684 M2.16431.93 M USD−1.25 USD+40.43%0.00%Electronic Technology
XLOXilio Therapeutics, Inc.
32.64%0.9173 USD−12.64%633.729 K3.6533.86 M USD−2.57 USD+21.31%0.00%Health Technology
PMNProMIS Neurosciences Inc.
32.37%1.59 USD−8.88%21.82 K3.6330.148 M USD−0.84 USD+68.98%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
GPAKGamer Pakistan Inc.
32.34%0.2500 USD0.00%432.141 K1.076.395 M USD−0.00 USD0.00%Consumer Services
LUXHLuxUrban Hotels Inc.
31.82%0.3340 USD−8.24%4.04 M1.2322.921 M USD−2.40 USD−387.54%0.00%Finance
FOXOFOXO Technologies Inc.
31.82%0.3450 USD−1.99%2.678 M3.433.086 M USD−2.23 USD+66.58%0.00%Technology Services
IPWiPower Inc.
31.22%2.09 USD+2.96%1.78 M0.6362.32 M USD−0.17 USD+50.37%0.00%Retail Trade
Strong buy
MGOLMGO Global Inc.
30.91%0.6562 USD+10.66%3.194 M0.0711.917 M USD−0.31 USD0.00%Commercial Services
SISIShineco, Inc.
30.77%1.65 USD+19.57%580.16 K0.5010.636 M USD0.00%Process Industries
MYNZMainz Biomed N.V.
30.62%0.7600 USD+32.94%412.741 K2.6216.634 M USD−1.64 USD0.00%Health Technology
SPECSpectaire Holdings, Inc.
30.51%0.3700 USD+27.59%342.699 K2.436.813 M USD1.590.23 USD0.00%Electronic Technology
SGEStrong Global Entertainment, Inc.
30.21%1.99 USD+10.93%801.247 K12.20199 USD0.00%Consumer Durables
VWEVintage Wine Estates, Inc.
30.13%0.3500 USD+9.72%280.66 K1.2721.985 M USD−2.32 USD+11.31%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
BNZIBanzai International, Inc.
29.60%0.1752 USD−8.51%19.587 M11.124.706 M USD−0.82 USD−1909.07%0.00%Technology Services
Strong buy
MTCMMTec, Inc.
28.81%0.4315 USD−7.72%18.228 M0.8285.931 M USD0.00%Technology Services
AKANAkanda Corp.
28.04%3.52 USD−14.36%1.118 M0.186.747 M USD−7.16 USD0.00%Process Industries
CRGXCARGO Therapeutics, Inc.
28.01%17.87 USD−14.33%408.986 K3.58703.649 M USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
AUVIApplied UV, Inc.
28.00%0.2926 USD−8.57%5.797 M9.071.368 M USD−64.65 USD+62.23%0.00%Process Industries
APMAptorum Group Limited
27.95%4.92 USD+7.19%48.78 K2.9725.494 M USD−0.91 USD+87.35%0.00%Health Technology
BRLSBorealis Foods Inc.
27.66%8.50 USD+6.95%48.402 K0.11181.774 M USD−0.49 USD−3426.09%0.00%Technology Services
NKTRNektar Therapeutics
27.61%1.50 USD−8.54%2.737 M1.74275.437 M USD−0.92 USD+58.37%0.00%Health Technology
HLVXHilleVax, Inc.
27.53%12.67 USD−1.71%676.36 K3.38629.964 M USD−3.29 USD+12.39%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
SLNASelina Hospitality PLC
27.45%0.0799 USD−10.12%28.778 M0.228.73 M USD0.00%Consumer Services
KTRAKintara Therapeutics, Inc.
26.87%0.1879 USD+11.85%28.921 M2.0810.392 M USD−4.08 USD+64.80%0.00%Health Technology
BRSHBruush Oral Care Inc.
26.60%0.1513 USD+8.23%33.948 M0.4010.133 M USD0.00%Retail Trade
NUKKNukkleus Inc.
26.51%0.9321 USD+3.57%2.997 M11.8512.956 M USD−0.10 USD+57.80%0.00%Commercial Services
RSLSReShape Lifesciences, Inc.
26.50%0.2078 USD+10.53%64.431 M36.384.874 M USD−2.26 USD+97.43%0.00%Health Technology
FTELFitell Corporation
26.48%16.70 USD+5.16%567.666 K1.15185.704 M USD−0.38 USD−444.57%0.00%Retail Trade
NEONNeonode Inc.
26.23%2.90 USD+18.85%255.191 K5.7344.542 M USD−0.70 USD−100.46%0.00%Electronic Technology
26.16%4.45 USD+3.01%55.863 K1.08196.635 M USD−0.13 USD−129.73%0.00%Finance
SSNTSilverSun Technologies, Inc.
26.02%17.72 USD+10.82%182.096 K5.7394.192 M USD−0.23 USD−4087.93%0.00%Commercial Services
ASTIAscent Solar Technologies, Inc
25.93%0.1493 USD−3.05%42.06 M0.484.589 M USD−24.47 USD+80.86%0.00%Electronic Technology
GROYGold Royalty Corp.
25.49%1.59 USD−17.19%8.783 M13.94231.989 M USD−0.18 USD−131.75%2.08%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
UNCYUnicycive Therapeutics, Inc.
25.41%0.8357 USD−11.65%1.283 M7.5431.428 M USD−1.26 USD+34.43%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
EEDBLEdible Garden AG Incorporated
25.29%1.77 USD−18.81%846.528 K0.255.672 M USD−47.17 USD+93.82%0.00%Process Industries
Strong buy
KITTNauticus Robotics, Inc.
25.28%0.1551 USD−4.26%20.548 M1.119.683 M USD0.00%Producer Manufacturing
HGASGlobal Gas Corporation
25.19%1.31 USD+7.78%32.131 K0.8310.648 M USD−0.60 USD−316.72%0.00%Process Industries
HOVRNew Horizon Aircraft Ltd.
24.99%0.8561 USD−17.68%83.616 K1.3815.599 M USD0.00%Electronic Technology
BBOLDBoundless Bio, Inc.
24.95%9.60 USD−15.12%117.276 K0.96213.644 M USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
KOREKORE Group Holdings, Inc.
24.90%0.6323 USD−9.89%61.488 K1.5252.605 M USD−1.97 USD−34.58%0.00%Technology Services
HKITHitek Global Inc.
24.80%1.48 USD+11.28%199.215 K2.5121.301 M USD20.330.07 USD0.00%Technology Services
GDHGGolden Heaven Group Holdings Ltd.
24.76%0.2561 USD+6.27%3.872 M1.5410.692 M USD1.950.13 USD−45.73%0.00%Industrial Services
SHIMShimmick Corporation
24.68%1.90 USD+20.25%694.868 K3.8248.874 M USD0.00%Industrial Services
VIRIVirios Therapeutics, Inc.
24.56%0.2349 USD+12.18%3.681 M2.726.52 M USD−0.27 USD+70.77%0.00%Health Technology
HLTHCue Health Inc.
24.45%0.0906 USD−2.05%71.596 M1.7614.414 M USD−2.44 USD−86.15%0.00%Health Technology
LSBYS Biopharma Co., Ltd.
24.44%1.01 USD179.363 K190.211 M USD0.00%Health Technology
CADLCandel Therapeutics, Inc.
24.26%8.55 USD+9.62%1.724 M1.34254.317 M USD−1.29 USD−39.34%0.00%Health Technology
AGRIAgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd.
24.22%0.1340 USD+9.39%35.264 M0.703.489 M USD−1.13 USD−81.59%0.00%Commercial Services