Crypto market

Coins that have lost the most in price

Spotting market trends is key for financial success. Opportunities may hide in unexpected places, and it may be wise to buy the dip. Explore the coins that lost the most value to find those with potential.
Change %
Market cap
Circ supply
WTCWaltonchain7870.0047 USD−31.88%419.379 K USD175 USD89.23 MInternet of things, Logistics
RFOXRFOX7530.004955 USD−19.15%6.501 M USD348.468 K USD1.312 BNFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse
ZZERCzkRace5730.29460 USD−13.69%35.352 M USD986.972 K USD120 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse
FERFerro7640.007060 USD−13.04%6.584 M USD7.272 K USD932.53 MLending & Borrowing, Loyalty & Rewards
QRLQuantum Resistant Ledger6780.25196 USD−11.13%17.117 M USD4.213 M USD67.937 MDistributed computing & Storage
SDAOSingularityDAO5670.4550 USD−10.80%37.644 M USD1.611 M USD82.733 MData management & AI, DeFi, DAO
ORAIOraichain30613.3297 USD−10.21%169.368 M USD5.052 M USD12.706 MOracles, Data management & AI, DeFi, Analytics, Layer 1
SCLPScallop6390.3480 USD−9.66%22.475 M USD1.095 M USD64.583 MPayments, DeFi
LYXLUKSO3973.2819 USD−8.79%100.216 M USD342.11 K USD30.536 MSmart contract platforms, Identity, NFTs & Collectibles, Social, media & Content, Metaverse, Layer 1
INTERInter Milan Fan Token7302.350508019 USD−8.02%12.002 M USD9.679 M USD5.106 MSports, Fan Tokens
PNTpNetwork7850.011439 USD−7.82%1.008 M USD65.834 K USD88.113 MNFTs & Collectibles, DeFi, DAO
VVENOMVenom2920.1940 USD−7.75%191.85 M USD4.022 M USD988.919 MDeFi, DAO
ARRRPirate Chain5330.2278 USD−7.51%44.698 M USD93.558 K USD196.214 MPrivacy, Cryptocurrencies
HVHHAVAH7590.01607 USD−7.43%7.327 M USD336.131 K USD455.936 MNFTs & Collectibles, Interoperability
DDEGENDegen2210.021884 USD−7.39%310.307 M USD35.184 M USD14.18 BMemes
KINKin5320.000015669 USD−7.20%46 M USD240.548 K USD2.936 TSocial, media & Content, Web3
GALGalatasaray Fan Token6872.56238 USD−6.98%15.902 M USD12 M USD6.206 MSports, Fan Tokens
TRIASTrias Token (new)4338.35447 USD−6.84%82.555 M USD1.718 M USD9.882 MMetaverse
TSUKADejitaru Tsuka6830.016144 USD−6.73%16.144 M USD321.598 K USD1 BMemes
AGLAAngola7720.00962 USD−6.60%4.574 M USD183.148 K USD475.45 MNFTs & Collectibles, Social, media & Content
PENDLEPendle876.48459974 USD−6.33%998.324 M USD151.577 M USD153.953 MSocial, media & Content, Web3
FXFunction X4700.157288754 USD−6.14%64.256 M USD1.717 M USD408.52 MInteroperability
FSNFusion7240.16024 USD−6.00%12.259 M USD123.091 K USD76.503 MPayments, DeFi
GFALGames for a living5650.01667298 USD−5.96%37.226 M USD1.437 M USD2.233 BGaming, NFTs & Collectibles
GXAGALAXIA7740.0015987 USD−5.91%4.023 M USD940.278 K USD2.516 BPayments
GOGGuild of Guardians4020.1736 USD−5.85%101.796 M USD2.251 M USD586.384 MGaming
TPTTokenPocket6220.007282 USD−5.59%25.243 M USD93.497 K USD3.466 BPayments
CULTCult DAO7170.000002981 USD−5.52%12.874 M USD520.305 K USD4.319 TDeFi, DAO
RVFRocketX exchange6140.28803 USD−5.49%26.986 M USD162.948 K USD93.691 MInteroperability
ALIAlethea Artificial Liquid Intelligence Token5040.015114 USD−5.25%54.232 M USD1.807 M USD3.588 BData management & AI, Identity, NFTs & Collectibles, Interoperability, Enterprise solutions, Social, media & Content, Marketing, Metaverse, Education, Web3
GFTGifto6410.022734 USD−5.21%22.717 M USD8.226 M USD999.272 MSocial, media & Content, Loyalty & Rewards
PPONKEPonke2720.491409 USD−5.20%211.196 M USD42.489 M USD429.777 MMemes
VOLTVolt Inu V25840.0000006134 USD−5.14%33.594 M USD2.844 M USD54.766 TMemes, Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized exchange, Gaming, Data management & AI, NFTs & Collectibles, Payments, DeFi, DAO
DMTRDimitra5010.11259 USD−5.07%54.775 M USD662.402 K USD486.503 MDistributed computing & Storage, Internet of things, Data management & AI
PROPropy2732.068888 USD−4.88%206.889 M USD5.821 M USD100 MPayments, Real estate
PRIMEEchelon Prime12017.87228166 USD−4.86%639.36 M USD7.524 M USD35.774 MGaming, Data management & AI, NFTs & Collectibles
PAALPAAL AI2240.373718 USD−4.86%305.834 M USD6.298 M USD818.356 MData management & AI
ORBROrbler1950.3815 USD−4.72%387.446 M USD136.563 K USD1.016 B
UPPSentinel Protocol5430.082675670 USD−4.69%41.159 M USD4.132 M USD497.835 MData management & AI, Enterprise solutions, Loyalty & Rewards, Cybersecurity
CPHCypherium0.00974 USD−4.58%Enterprise solutions
COTCosplay Token7250.030858 USD−4.56%12.169 M USD501.314 K USD394.359 MSocial, media & Content
DIMODIMO5340.20189 USD−4.56%44.66 M USD2.456 M USD221.209 MDistributed computing & Storage, Internet of things, Data management & AI
CVTXCarrieverse7180.06170 USD−4.55%12.812 M USD3.928 M USD207.65 M
LDOLido DAO562.33151942 USD−4.39%2.08 B USD161.857 M USD892.318 MDerivatives, DeFi, DAO
BOSONBoson Protocol4540.56432 USD−4.28%71.861 M USD1.1 M USD127.342 MNFTs & Collectibles, Payments, E-commerce, Marketplace
TABOOTABOO TOKEN7430.0008992 USD−4.26%8.797 M USD405.286 K USD9.783 BSocial, media & Content
SOVSovryn4291.4127 USD−4.17%87.081 M USD235.025 K USD61.642 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi
SDNShiden Network7100.2094 USD−4.12%13.631 M USD403.794 K USD65.094 MSmart contract platforms, Developments tools, Interoperability
ZIGZigcoin3340.097674 USD−4.10%139.997 M USD5.137 M USD1.433 BData management & AI, Asset management, Marketplace
YLDYIELD App6630.071737 USD−4.08%19.039 M USD347.368 K USD265.402 MAsset management
NXRAAllianceBlock Nexera4190.11802 USD−3.99%90.39 M USD773.114 K USD765.888 MAsset-backed Tokens
BITCIBitcicoin7470.00107390 USD−3.95%8.279 M USD1.531 M USD7.709 BEnterprise solutions
NTXNuNet6280.04983 USD−3.81%25.119 M USD305.115 K USD504.085 MDistributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI
LBCLBRY Credits7800.003036 USD−3.80%1.986 M USD16.246 K USD654.237 MData management & AI, Social, media & Content, Marketplace
CHNGChainge4810.12535 USD−3.77%59.422 M USD1.745 M USD474.046 MAsset management, DeFi
BTMBytom6490.012492 USD−3.77%20.493 M USD1.253 M USD1.641 BSmart contract platforms, Payments
FRAFindora7540.0006572 USD−3.69%7.499 M USD414.314 K USD11.41 BPrivacy, Smart contract platforms, Developments tools
MOONr/CryptoCurrency Moons5810.31683 USD−3.65%33.83 M USD48.955 K USD106.776 MSocial, media & Content
IMGNAIImage Generation AI6800.02105 USD−3.62%16.352 M USD169.309 K USD776.833 MData management & AI
DIONEDione Protocol3570.0130523 USD−3.56%124.139 M USD837.043 K USD9.511 BEnergy, DeFi, Layer 1
SRMSerum7370.03884 USD−3.46%10.224 M USD1.522 M USD263.245 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi
VEXTVeloce7510.05929 USD−3.41%7.833 M USD478.738 K USD132.118 MGaming, Social, media & Content, Loyalty & Rewards, Sports, Web3
BRICKr/FortNiteBR Bricks7090.12501 USD−3.38%13.905 M USD87.355 K USD111.23 MSocial, media & Content
PITPitbull6230.0000000006208 USD−3.38%24.951 M USD721.714 K USD40192.158 TMemes
ASMAssemble Protocol5060.03738 USD−3.35%55.472 M USD3.537 M USD1.484 BPayments, Loyalty & Rewards, Marketplace
DFIDeFiChain5250.05854 USD−3.32%47.918 M USD3.833 M USD818.557 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi
KEEPKeep Network3130.17290 USD−3.28%164.478 M USD10.329 K USD951.288 MPrivacy, Interoperability, DeFi
KATAKatana Inu6000.00107381 USD−3.17%29.236 M USD784.95 K USD27.226 BMemes, Gaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse
VLXVelas5590.014810 USD−3.15%38.436 M USD815.736 K USD2.595 BSmart contract platforms
WRLDNFT Worlds6240.036025 USD−3.13%25.653 M USD29.364 K USD712.091 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse
ASDASD5830.05025 USD−3.12%33.196 M USD2.292 M USD660.615 MCentralized-exchange
EWTEnergy Web Token4123.197 USD−3.12%96.109 M USD2.751 M USD30.062 MEnterprise solutions, Energy
CRUCrust Network7200.8828 USD−3.11%12.482 M USD1.563 M USD14.139 MDistributed computing & Storage, Web3
GHSTAavegotchi4421.5727 USD−3.08%82.956 M USD8.871 M USD52.748 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, DAO
KWENTAKwenta58278.22 USD−3.07%33.776 M USD95.305 K USD431.809 KDecentralized exchange, Derivatives
GRVGrove Coin7680.05514 USD−3.01%5.243 M USD1.325 M USD95.083 MDeFi
CELCelsius5081.39707353 USD−3.00%52.698 M USD53.233 M USD37.72 MLending & Borrowing
KILTKILT Protocol7160.2678 USD−2.97%13.235 M USD66.737 K USD49.42 MIdentity, Web3
PREPresearch7600.018437 USD−2.95%7.312 M USD138.673 K USD396.578 MDistributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Web3
AURYAurory6130.46345359 USD−2.93%26.644 M USD210.29 K USD57.49 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse
POOLXPoolz Finance6993.005581 USD−2.90%14.831 M USD1.198 M USD4.934 MInteroperability
NOIASyntropy3460.17624 USD−2.82%128.576 M USD1.368 M USD729.553 MInternet of things, Scaling, Analytics, Web3
CGPTChainGPT3890.229130 USD−2.80%107.593 M USD13.078 M USD469.57 MSmart contract platforms, Data management & AI, NFTs & Collectibles, Social, media & Content, DeFi, Analytics, DAO
TRACOriginTrail2030.90327772 USD−2.74%366.418 M USD2.405 M USD405.654 MPrivacy, Distributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Interoperability, Enterprise solutions, Marketplace, Web3, Layer 1
ZCXUnizen3640.17482 USD−2.63%121.111 M USD1.721 M USD692.776 M
VAIVAIOT4900.174262 USD−2.61%57.339 M USD679.361 K USD329.037 MData management & AI
ZBUZEEBU1454.56000 USD−2.56%1.503 B USD35.123 M USD329.708 MLoyalty & Rewards
ERGErgo4231.1954 USD−2.53%90.245 M USD668.422 K USD75.494 MPrivacy, Smart contract platforms, Analytics, Layer 1
DARMines of Dalarnia4090.17895728 USD−2.50%99.725 M USD49.431 M USD557.258 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse
TELTelcoin2250.003407 USD−2.49%300.325 M USD1.152 M USD88.149 BCryptocurrencies, Payments
ALEXALEX Lab3670.19491 USD−2.48%118.211 M USD3.812 M USD606.49 MLending & Borrowing, DeFi
FRONTFrontier3871.202950 USD−2.48%108.266 M USD68.705 M USD90 MPayments, DeFi
COVALCircuits of Value5540.02232 USD−2.45%39.838 M USD370.152 K USD1.785 BAsset management, DeFi
XDCXDC Network1360.03436793 USD−2.44%512.075 M USD6.072 M USD14.9 BSmart contract platforms, Enterprise solutions, Layer 1
BBFBubblefong6930.08042 USD−2.44%14.998 M USD651.193 K USD186.498 MGaming, Marketplace
XPRProton5790.0013128 USD−2.39%33.827 M USD2.52 M USD25.767 BDecentralized exchange, Payments, DeFi
SFUNDSeedify.fund3372.31244 USD−2.34%139.816 M USD8.364 M USD60.462 MGaming
RARIRarible4592.8925 USD−2.30%68.941 M USD824.467 K USD23.835 MNFTs & Collectibles, Marketplace, DAO
UNIBOTUnibot70713.85747029 USD−2.24%13.857 M USD2.382 M USD1 MLoyalty & Rewards
KRLKryll6250.64153 USD−2.21%24.665 M USD385.516 K USD38.447 MAsset management