Crypto market

Coins that have gained the most in price

Explore the list below for coins rapidly growing in price and study their key stats like change and volume. Do your research and study this list carefully.
Change %
Market cap
Circ supply
APMapM Coin7000.009961 USD+71.00%14.91 M USD98.015 M USD1.497 BPayments, Loyalty & Rewards
NFTXNFTX67229.617 USD+53.00%17.968 M USD609.239 K USD606.672 KNFTs & Collectibles, DeFi
MMEWcat in a dogs world1780.00551268 USD+44.64%490.016 M USD135.253 M USD88.889 BMemes
LADYSMilady Meme Coin2610.00000030706 USD+42.66%225.494 M USD95.604 M USD734.366 TMemes
COSContentos4680.013715 USD+39.92%70.139 M USD154.434 M USD5.114 BSocial, media & Content
SSLERFSLERF3070.3464 USD+28.84%173.199 M USD79.511 M USD499.998 MMemes
WIFdogwifhat283.99983267 USD+26.29%3.995 B USD1.489 B USD998.906 MMemes
MMYROMyro2280.30707493 USD+26.27%289.941 M USD63.394 M USD944.204 MMemes
PPEPE20Pepe 2.05380.000000091356 USD+26.08%42.846 M USD14.242 M USD469 TMemes
MOGMOG Coin1520.00000171464927 USD+25.36%669.691 M USD49.028 M USD390.57 TMemes
OPTIOptimus AI6060.287996 USD+25.21%27.37 M USD419.147 K USD95.035 MMemes, Cryptocurrencies, Data management & AI
REIREI Network4430.087304788 USD+24.11%82.94 M USD52.412 M USD950 MScaling
NOTNotcoin930.0094507 USD+22.27%970.769 M USD1.212 B USD102.719 BGaming, Web3
WWSMWall Street Meme6730.009430 USD+21.15%17.883 M USD3.28 M USD1.896 BMemes
TRUTrueFi2500.204903 USD+20.54%233.973 M USD82.716 M USD1.142 BLending & Borrowing, DeFi
TIACelestia5511.37307583 USD+18.50%2.128 B USD385.993 M USD187.071 M
WENWen2900.0002643858 USD+17.74%192.398 M USD40.402 M USD727.717 BMemes
BBOMEBOOK OF MEME810.01572215 USD+17.48%1.084 B USD740.998 M USD68.966 BMemes
DCDogechain6550.0006988 USD+16.98%20.097 M USD3.042 M USD28.76 BMemes
FLOKIFloki Inu410.0003042542 USD+16.89%2.908 B USD1.201 B USD9.559 TMemes, Gaming, Metaverse
SHIBShiba Inu100.000028671 USD+16.68%16.895 B USD1.887 B USD589.272 TMemes, Cryptocurrencies
CCOQCoq Inu2570.0000032021 USD+15.85%222.29 M USD14.254 M USD69.42 TMemes
BBRETTBrett1500.07856 USD+15.33%672.068 M USD33.408 M USD8.555 BMemes
MEMEMemecoin1220.03278486 USD+15.15%617.761 M USD204.758 M USD18.843 BMemes, NFTs & Collectibles
TURBOTurbo1540.00900270 USD+15.15%573.244 M USD420.412 M USD63.675 BMemes, Data management & AI, NFTs & Collectibles, Web3
SAMOSamoyedcoin4710.01737817 USD+15.09%63.554 M USD37.765 M USD3.657 BMemes
AXLAxelar1141.048910652 USD+15.03%706.422 M USD24.216 M USD673.482 MInteroperability
AKITAAkita Inu6570.00000029990 USD+15.01%20.415 M USD6.252 M USD68.072 TMemes, Gaming
BONKBonk430.0000427524 USD+15.01%2.88 B USD1.064 B USD67.369 TMemes
PEOPLEConstitutionDAO1810.08620926 USD+14.68%436.231 M USD601.633 M USD5.06 BFundraising
KEYSelfKey5370.0083378201 USD+14.10%44.232 M USD80.84 M USD5.305 BData management & AI, Identity, Enterprise solutions
NTRNNeutron2580.80046260 USD+14.00%223.74 M USD24.901 M USD279.513 MSmart contract platforms, Interoperability, DeFi
PPOPCATPopcat (SOL)1550.52726164 USD+13.47%516.702 M USD78.854 M USD979.973 MMemes
ACXAcross Protocol4880.42869 USD+13.46%59.187 M USD568.242 K USD138.064 MInteroperability, Loyalty & Rewards
1INCH1inch Network1300.465733943 USD+12.86%539.623 M USD142.957 M USD1.159 BDecentralized exchange, Payments, DeFi
LEVERLeverFi3410.0043346 USD+12.58%139.535 M USD26.218 M USD32.191 BAsset management, DeFi
SAITAMASaitama5140.0011348 USD+12.56%49.889 M USD315.06 K USD43.963 BPayments, DeFi
GMXGMX21834.50968418 USD+12.19%328.403 M USD42.851 M USD9.516 MDecentralized exchange, Derivatives, DeFi
NPTNeopin4920.6459 USD+12.14%57.172 M USD7 M USD88.515 MGaming, DeFi
JJTOJITO1713.80462704 USD+11.91%464.219 M USD130.122 M USD122.014 MDerivatives, DeFi, DAO
CHZChiliz710.151268049 USD+11.68%1.345 B USD334.878 M USD8.888 BLoyalty & Rewards, Sports, SEC security token, Layer 1
MMAPOMAP Protocol4650.015251 USD+11.47%67.053 M USD10.333 M USD4.397 BInteroperability
HIGHHighstreet2166.6502 USD+11.47%334.944 M USD106.855 M USD50.366 MMetaverse, Marketplace
ORCAOrca3392.59724987 USD+11.21%130.966 M USD2.829 M USD50.425 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi
MBXMARBLEX3630.9578 USD+10.71%119.991 M USD3.543 M USD125.278 MGaming
ARPAARPA Chain4100.078201153 USD+10.51%97.195 M USD44.403 M USD1.243 BPrivacy, Distributed computing & Storage
PLAPlayDapp5180.08502 USD+10.35%47.839 M USD17.748 M USD562.684 MGaming, Metaverse
NNFPNFPrompt3440.540198 USD+10.09%135.05 M USD57.295 M USD250 MData management & AI, Payments, Social, media & Content, Web3
HTRHathor6750.06863 USD+9.77%17.341 M USD768.382 K USD252.68 MSmart contract platforms, Scaling, DeFi
SANTOSSantos FC Fan Token5616.94404121 USD+9.60%38.512 M USD20.818 M USD5.546 MFan Tokens
DREPDrep [new]7830.012691 USD+9.51%1.269 M USD26.427 K USD100 MSmart contract platforms, Oracles, DeFi
XPLAXpla4080.17133 USD+9.27%98.785 M USD2.837 M USD576.579 MDevelopments tools, Gaming, Web3
FLUXFlux2101.01307 USD+9.10%351.998 M USD12.679 M USD347.456 MSmart contract platforms, Distributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Interoperability, DAO
KISHUKishu Inu4740.000000000685 USD+9.08%63.798 M USD5.904 M USD93136.097 TMemes
BONEBone ShibaSwap3180.713222 USD+8.83%163.986 M USD10.642 M USD229.923 MMemes, Decentralized exchange, NFTs & Collectibles, DeFi
SSAGASaga2462.7582 USD+8.77%258.59 M USD71.94 M USD93.753 MGaming, Layer 1
LEASHDoge Killer507494.3952 USD+8.66%52.583 M USD2.606 M USD106.357 KMemes
LPTLivepeer11022.237194453 USD+8.63%722.544 M USD72.948 M USD32.493 MDistributed computing & Storage, Web3
XVGVerge3990.006215 USD+8.54%102.684 M USD29.861 M USD16.522 BCryptocurrencies
TAMATamadoge7660.004360 USD+8.32%6.075 M USD387.427 K USD1.393 BMemes
BBIGTIMEBig Time2870.20854 USD+8.09%191.471 M USD25.856 M USD918.151 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles
AAISleepless AI2881.13866 USD+8.07%194.782 M USD49.384 M USD171.062 MData management & AI, Web3
ENSEthereum Name Service10125.940276673 USD+8.00%816.521 M USD386.282 M USD31.477 MIdentity, Web3, DAO
YOOSHIYooShi6620.00000005135 USD+7.86%19.089 M USD117.049 K USD371.741 TMemes, Gaming, NFTs & Collectibles
AUDIOAudius2410.214328662 USD+7.74%262.499 M USD168.683 M USD1.225 BSocial, media & Content, Web3, DAO
AAIDOGEArbDoge AI3850.00000000060969 USD+7.67%106.364 M USD26.833 M USD174455.897 TMemes
STEEMSteem3450.296930155 USD+7.46%137.442 M USD9.699 M USD462.878 MSmart contract platforms, Payments, Social, media & Content, Web3
GRNDSuperWalk6890.15219 USD+7.31%15.519 M USD865.191 K USD101.974 MNFTs & Collectibles, Move to earn, Health
RIFRSK Infrastructure Framework3110.16761 USD+7.20%167.61 M USD3.37 M USD1 BDistributed computing & Storage, Payments, Web3
ALUAltura5870.04493055 USD+7.19%32.339 M USD17.934 M USD719.755 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, Marketplace
SQUIDGROWSquid Grow6690.000000015307 USD+7.15%17.985 M USD744.62 K USD1174.941 TMemes
VIDTVIDT DAO6050.03429 USD+7.02%28.191 M USD2.693 M USD822.141 MSmart contract platforms, Gaming, Internet of things, Data management & AI, NFTs & Collectibles, Interoperability, Enterprise solutions, Cybersecurity, Web3
CTXCCortex4520.33309 USD+7.01%73.668 M USD7.691 M USD221.165 MSmart contract platforms, Internet of things, Data management & AI
LOCUSLocus Chain5680.01773 USD+7.00%36.897 M USD221.904 K USD2.081 BScaling, Payments
INJInjective5026.405965433 USD+6.99%2.466 B USD92.943 M USD93.4 MSmart contract platforms, Data management & AI, Interoperability, DeFi, Web3, Layer 1
CQTCovalent3040.24785 USD+6.96%170.188 M USD1.126 M USD686.659 MData management & AI, Enterprise solutions, Web3
WWWormhole800.61115890 USD+6.96%1.1 B USD98.853 M USD1.8 BNFTs & Collectibles, Interoperability, DeFi, Web3, DAO
AACEFusionist3595.6566 USD+6.92%124.273 M USD19.508 M USD21.97 MGaming, Social, media & Content
VITEVITE6080.02536 USD+6.91%27.705 M USD1.616 M USD1.092 BSmart contract platforms, Decentralized exchange, Scaling, Enterprise solutions
NVIRNvirWorld7360.010412 USD+6.78%10.959 M USD2.653 M USD1.053 BNFTs & Collectibles, Marketplace
BELBella Protocol4860.9097 USD+6.70%59.131 M USD8.962 M USD65 MDeFi
YGGYield Guild Games2061.007328619 USD+6.64%368.138 M USD57.172 M USD365.459 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, DAO
FIOFIO Protocol6210.033696 USD+6.62%25.649 M USD3.744 M USD761.188 MInteroperability, Payments, Layer 1
MERLMerlin Chain2940.51717542 USD+6.50%186.183 M USD63.634 M USD360 M
LRCLoopring1960.287437516 USD+6.48%392.872 M USD23.851 M USD1.367 BDecentralized exchange, Scaling, DeFi
SWEATSweat Economy4630.00974046 USD+6.43%65.989 M USD8.381 M USD6.775 BNFTs & Collectibles, Move to earn, Web3
JOEJOE2960.50044902 USD+6.43%180.009 M USD12.16 M USD359.694 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi
BBITCOINHarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu (ERC-20)2850.19903678 USD+6.37%198.997 M USD7.546 M USD999.798 MMemes
BADGERBadger DAO4214.7257 USD+6.36%90.951 M USD6.408 M USD19.246 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi, DAO
MANTAManta Network1721.81915856 USD+6.31%456.609 M USD59.06 M USD251 MWeb3
DYMDymension1653.24411263 USD+6.27%473.64 M USD38.529 M USD146 M
DAODAO Maker3660.7961 USD+6.23%119.412 M USD10.219 M USD149.997 MDeFi
FTMFantom520.83825244 USD+6.17%2.35 B USD217.383 M USD2.804 BSmart contract platforms, Enterprise solutions, Layer 1
PORTOFC Porto Fan Token6502.65004420 USD+6.07%20.67 M USD18.375 M USD7.8 MSports, Fan Tokens
USTCTerraClassicUSD3200.02303443 USD+6.04%157.008 M USD9.16 M USD6.816 BStablecoins, Algorithmic Stablecoins, Seigniorage
1000SATS1000SATS1160.0003195 USD+6.04%670.95 M USD46.379 M USD2.1 T
MDTMeasurable Data Token5410.065144 USD+5.98%44.048 M USD22.873 M USD676.157 MData management & AI, Marketplace
PPLANETPLANET6270.000028656 USD+5.97%24.399 M USD2.612 M USD851.45 BGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, DAO
ONDOOndo591.26214797 USD+5.95%1.754 B USD218.039 M USD1.39 B
JUPJupiter611.18698604 USD+5.94%1.602 B USD141.84 M USD1.35 BDecentralized exchange, Derivatives, Interoperability, DeFi