Bonds of the EU

The EU bond market has low default-risk and high liquidity, but with 27 states, its economies vary in strength. That's why we've equipped our list of EU bonds with important stats to help you make an informed decision.
Yield %
Maturity date
Term to maturity
Change %
DE01MYGermany 1 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.621%2024-06-1921 days99.799 EUR+0.22%0.008 EUR
DE03MYGermany 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.582%2024-08-2184 days99.181 EUR−0.80%−0.029 EUR
DE06MYGermany 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.567%2024-11-20175 days98.305 EUR+0.17%0.006 EUR
DE09MYGermany 9 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.480%2025-02-19266 days97.502 EUR−0.09%−0.003 EUR
DE01YGermany 1 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.434%2025-05-14350 days96.778 EUR+0.59%0.020 EUR
DE02YGermany 2 Year Government Bonds Yield2.90%3.078%2026-06-182 years 20 days99.640 EUR+0.88%0.027 EUR
DE03YGermany 3 Year Government Bonds Yield0.25%2.841%2027-02-152 years 262 days93.324 EUR+1.00%0.028 EUR
DE04YGermany 4 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%2.685%2028-02-153 years 262 days92.379 EUR−0.70%−0.019 EUR
DE05YGermany 5 Year Government Bonds Yield2.10%2.658%2029-04-124 years 318 days97.470 EUR+1.45%0.038 EUR
DE06YGermany 6 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%2.573%2030-02-155 years 262 days86.490 EUR+1.54%0.039 EUR
DE07YGermany 7 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%2.557%2031-02-156 years 262 days84.409 EUR+2.04%0.051 EUR
DE08YGermany 8 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%2.560%2032-02-157 years 262 days82.285 EUR+2.20%0.055 EUR
DE09YGermany 9 Year Government Bonds Yield2.30%2.566%2033-02-158 years 262 days97.943 EUR+1.83%0.046 EUR
DE10YGermany 10 Year Government Bonds Yield2.20%2.601%2034-02-159 years 262 days96.589 EUR+1.84%0.047 EUR
DE15YGermany 15 Year Government Bonds Yield2.60%2.792%2041-05-1516 years 351 days97.428 EUR+1.56%0.043 EUR
DE20YGermany 20 Year Government Bonds Yield2.50%2.796%2044-07-0420 years 36 days95.496 EUR+2.02%0.055 EUR
DE25YGermany 25 Year Government Bonds Yield2.50%2.781%2046-08-1522 years 78 days95.391 EUR+2.08%0.057 EUR
DE30YGermany 30 Year Government Bonds Yield1.80%2.734%2053-08-1529 years 78 days81.369 EUR+1.98%0.053 EUR
FR01MYFrance 1 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.725%2024-07-0335 days99.649 EUR−1.04%−0.039 EUR
FR03MYFrance 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.734%2024-08-1477 days99.217 EUR+0.21%0.008 EUR
FR06MYFrance 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.664%2024-11-14169 days98.318 EUR−0.19%−0.007 EUR
FR09MYFrance 9 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.541%2025-03-26301 days97.133 EUR+0.08%0.003 EUR
FR01YFrance 1 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.524%2025-05-21357 days96.632 EUR+0.60%0.021 EUR
FR02YFrance 2 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%3.174%2026-05-251 year 361 days94.930 EUR+0.99%0.031 EUR
FR03YFrance 3 Year Government Bonds Yield2.50%3.032%2027-09-243 years 118 days98.336 EUR+1.20%0.036 EUR
FR04YFrance 4 Year Government Bonds Yield0.75%2.974%2028-05-253 years 362 days91.755 EUR+1.33%0.039 EUR
FR05YFrance 5 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%2.940%2029-05-254 years 361 days88.834 EUR+1.38%0.040 EUR
FR06YFrance 6 Year Government Bonds Yield2.75%2.967%2030-02-255 years 272 days98.862 EUR+1.60%0.047 EUR
FR07YFrance 7 Year Government Bonds Yield1.50%2.945%2031-05-256 years 361 days90.992 EUR+1.96%0.057 EUR
FR08YFrance 8 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%2.988%2032-05-257 years 362 days79.047 EUR+1.98%0.058 EUR
FR09YFrance 9 Year Government Bonds Yield3.00%3.040%2033-05-258 years 361 days99.691 EUR+1.88%0.056 EUR
FR10YFrance 10 Year Government Bonds Yield1.25%3.087%2034-05-259 years 361 days84.420 EUR+1.81%0.055 EUR
FR15YFrance 15 Year Government Bonds Yield1.75%3.289%2039-06-2515 years 27 days81.938 EUR+1.73%0.056 EUR
FR20YFrance 20 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%3.383%2044-06-2520 years 27 days58.486 EUR+1.62%0.054 EUR
FR25YFrance 25 Year Government Bonds Yield3.00%3.436%2049-06-2525 years 27 days92.747 EUR+1.51%0.051 EUR
FR30YFrance 30 Year Government Bonds Yield3.25%3.537%2055-05-2530 years 361 days94.653 EUR+1.49%0.052 EUR
FR50YFrance 50 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%3.022%2072-05-2547 years 362 days36.549 EUR+2.41%0.071 EUR
ES01MYSpain 1 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.830%2024-06-079 days99.914 EUR+0.39%0.015 EUR
ES03MYSpain 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.646%2024-08-0972 days99.286 EUR+0.05%0.002 EUR
ES06MYSpain 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.444%2024-11-08163 days98.473 EUR−0.32%−0.011 EUR
ES09MYSpain 9 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.529%2025-02-07254 days97.592 EUR+0.23%0.008 EUR
ES01YSpain 1 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.484%2025-05-09345 days96.780 EUR+0.69%0.024 EUR
ES02YSpain 2 Year Government Bonds Yield2.80%3.295%2026-05-312 years 2 days99.043 EUR+0.21%0.007 EUR
ES03YSpain 3 Year Government Bonds Yield2.50%3.169%2027-05-313 years 2 days98.108 EUR+1.18%0.037 EUR
ES04YSpain 4 Year Government Bonds Yield1.40%3.076%2028-04-303 years 337 days93.884 EUR+1.15%0.035 EUR
ES05YSpain 5 Year Government Bonds Yield3.50%3.097%2029-05-315 years 2 days101.834 EUR+1.67%0.051 EUR
ES06YSpain 6 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%3.078%2030-04-305 years 336 days86.243 EUR+0.79%0.024 EUR
ES07YSpain 7 Year Government Bonds Yield0.10%3.123%2031-04-306 years 336 days81.450 EUR+0.97%0.030 EUR
ES08YSpain 8 Year Government Bonds Yield0.70%3.188%2032-04-307 years 337 days82.826 EUR+1.17%0.037 EUR
ES09YSpain 9 Year Government Bonds Yield3.15%3.288%2033-04-308 years 336 days98.929 EUR+1.95%0.063 EUR
ES10YSpain 10 Year Government Bonds Yield3.25%3.371%2034-04-309 years 336 days98.973 EUR+1.90%0.063 EUR
ES15YSpain 15 Year Government Bonds Yield3.90%3.688%2039-07-3015 years 62 days102.401 EUR+1.85%0.067 EUR
ES20YSpain 20 Year Government Bonds Yield3.45%3.814%2043-07-3019 years 62 days95.101 EUR+1.76%0.066 EUR
ES25YSpain 25 Year Government Bonds Yield2.70%3.819%2048-10-3124 years 155 days82.403 EUR+1.01%0.038 EUR
ES30YSpain 30 Year Government Bonds Yield4.00%3.977%2054-10-3130 years 155 days100.400 EUR+1.84%0.072 EUR
IT01MYItaly 1 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.510%2024-06-1416 days99.854 EUR−1.93%−0.069 EUR
IT03MYItaly 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.643%2024-08-1477 days99.237 EUR+0.05%0.002 EUR
IT06MYItaly 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.624%2024-11-14169 days98.352 EUR−0.03%−0.001 EUR
IT09MYItaly 9 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.627%2025-02-14261 days97.460 EUR+0.30%0.011 EUR
IT01YItaly 1 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.583%2025-05-14350 days96.645 EUR+0.22%0.008 EUR
IT02YItaly 2 Year Government Bonds Yield3.60%3.580%2025-09-291 year 123 days100.062 EUR+0.25%0.009 EUR
IT03YItaly 3 Year Government Bonds Yield2.20%3.408%2027-06-013 years 3 days96.655 EUR+1.22%0.041 EUR
IT04YItaly 4 Year Government Bonds Yield3.40%3.456%2028-04-013 years 308 days99.885 EUR+2.28%0.077 EUR
IT05YItaly 5 Year Government Bonds Yield4.10%3.448%2029-02-014 years 248 days102.914 EUR+1.56%0.053 EUR
IT06YItaly 6 Year Government Bonds Yield3.70%3.563%2030-06-156 years 17 days100.892 EUR+1.83%0.064 EUR
IT07YItaly 7 Year Government Bonds Yield6.00%3.565%2031-05-016 years 337 days115.010 EUR+1.57%0.055 EUR
IT08YItaly 8 Year Government Bonds Yield0.95%3.666%2032-06-018 years 3 days81.504 EUR+1.41%0.051 EUR
IT09YItaly 9 Year Government Bonds Yield4.40%3.772%2033-05-018 years 337 days104.977 EUR+1.92%0.071 EUR
IT10YItaly 10 Year Government Bonds Yield3.85%3.909%2034-07-0110 years 33 days99.800 EUR+0.08%0.003 EUR
IT15YItaly 15 Year Government Bonds Yield5.00%4.212%2039-08-0115 years 64 days109.272 EUR+1.63%0.067 EUR
IT20YItaly 20 Year Government Bonds Yield4.45%4.322%2043-09-0119 years 95 days102.250 EUR+1.22%0.052 EUR
IT25YItaly 25 Year Government Bonds Yield3.85%4.323%2049-09-0125 years 95 days93.439 EUR+0.79%0.034 EUR
IT30YItaly 30 Year Government Bonds Yield4.50%4.410%2053-10-0129 years 125 days102.263 EUR+1.15%0.050 EUR
IT50YItaly 50 Year Government Bonds Yield2.15%4.058%2072-03-0147 years 277 days60.460 EUR+1.35%0.054 EUR
AT03MYAustria 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.777%2024-07-2557 days99.425 EUR+0.05%0.002 EUR
AT06MYAustria 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.751%2024-10-31155 days98.437 EUR−0.19%−0.007 EUR
AT01YAustria 1 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.547%2025-04-20326 days96.938 EUR+0.11%0.004 EUR
AT02YAustria 2 Year Government Bonds Yield4.85%3.222%2026-03-151 year 290 days102.779 EUR+1.01%0.032 EUR
AT03YAustria 3 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%3.053%2027-04-202 years 326 days93.038 EUR+1.26%0.038 EUR
AT04YAustria 4 Year Government Bonds Yield0.75%2.956%2028-02-203 years 267 days92.321 EUR+1.06%0.031 EUR
AT05YAustria 5 Year Government Bonds Yield0.50%2.961%2029-02-204 years 267 days89.289 EUR+1.33%0.039 EUR
AT06YAustria 6 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%2.960%2030-02-205 years 267 days84.615 EUR+1.47%0.043 EUR
AT07YAustria 7 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.003%2031-02-206 years 267 days81.952 EUR+2.18%0.064 EUR
AT08YAustria 8 Year Government Bonds Yield0.90%3.036%2032-02-207 years 267 days85.481 EUR+2.08%0.062 EUR
AT09YAustria 9 Year Government Bonds Yield2.90%3.064%2033-02-208 years 267 days98.753 EUR+2.17%0.065 EUR
AT100YAustria 100 Year Government Bonds Yield0.85%2.351%2120-06-3096 years 32 days43.000 EUR0.00%0.000 EUR
AT10YAustria 10 Year Government Bonds Yield2.90%3.096%2034-02-209 years 267 days98.359 EUR+2.04%0.062 EUR
AT15YAustria 15 Year Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.259%2040-10-2016 years 144 days59.119 EUR+1.37%0.044 EUR
AT20YAustria 20 Year Government Bonds Yield3.15%3.290%2044-06-2020 years 22 days97.968 EUR+0.71%0.023 EUR
AT25YAustria 25 Year Government Bonds Yield1.50%3.282%2047-02-2022 years 267 days71.758 EUR+1.08%0.035 EUR
AT30YAustria 30 Year Government Bonds Yield0.75%3.223%2051-03-2026 years 295 days56.056 EUR+1.64%0.052 EUR
AT40YAustria 40 Year Government Bonds Yield3.80%3.271%2062-01-2637 years 242 days111.344 EUR+1.38%0.045 EUR
AT50YAustria 50 Year Government Bonds Yield0.70%2.983%2071-04-2046 years 326 days42.751 EUR+2.02%0.059 EUR
AT70YAustria 70 Year Government Bonds Yield1.50%3.072%2086-11-0262 years 157 days56.560 EUR+1.35%0.041 EUR
AT95YAustria 95 Year Government Bonds Yield2.10%3.004%2117-09-2093 years 114 days71.800 EUR+1.45%0.043 EUR
BE01MYBelgium 1 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.692%2024-07-1143 days99.571 EUR+0.14%0.005 EUR
BE03MYBelgium 3 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.590%2024-11-07162 days98.420 EUR−0.06%−0.002 EUR
BE06MYBelgium 6 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.559%2025-01-09225 days97.834 EUR+0.08%0.003 EUR
BE09MYBelgium 9 Month Government Bonds Yield0.00%3.520%2025-03-13288 days97.270 EUR+0.09%0.003 EUR
BE02YBelgium 2 Year Government Bonds Yield4.50%3.196%2026-03-281 year 303 days102.269 EUR+1.27%0.040 EUR